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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dubstep and Some Bmore Laughs

I have been gravitating towards dubstep lately and I think it's a reaction to the waves upon waves of same-y sounding electro tracks that have been coming out over the last year. It seems that a lot of producers are using the same sound construction kits, the same bass patterns, and the same triplet style and frankly, I feel that the genre has gotten stale. Now I'm sure someone will point me to people pushing it in the genre and that's great.

However, the reason I got into electronic music in the first place is because it sounded so alien to me as young kid growing up in a little cowtown so far removed from the city and so insulated from anything that wasn't a mainstream radio hit.

I have a feeling a lot of people share the same experience, but when you hear something new and you can't imagine how it was made, it can be very thrilling.

I imagine it was the same way for kids who heard Herbie Hancock's Rockit or Grandmaster Flash and were thinking to themselves, "What IS this sound and how was it made and can I make this sound myself?"

The point I am getting at is that Dubstep pushes a lot of boundaries in terms of sound, style, tempo and rhythm. I feel that the people playing it rely less on scouring a few blogs for new tracks (I'm certainly guilty of this) and dig a lot deeper to find something new and interesting. And I deeply respect this dedication.

So that said, I'd like to post a mix by the local Dubstep hero Pandai'a. She and her crew at Bassic have really been carrying the torch for this genre and they are doing a great job at it.

Here is Pandai'a's first studio mix.

1. Breakage - Rain - forthcoming Digital Soundboy Recordings
2. Pangaea - Mosaix - Hotflush 2
3. HxdB - Invisible Touch - forthcoming Formant Recordings
4. Hellfire Machina - Three Prayers to Buddha - unreleased
5. Untold - Discipline - Hemlock
6. Vaccine - Thou Shalt Always Mute the Vocal Channel - unreleased
7. COTK - We Are the Glitch (DJG rmx)- forthcoming Blipswitch Digital
8. Scuba - the Upside (Martyn's down mix)- Hotflush Remixes
9. HxdB - Moneyshot - forthcoming Surface Tension
10. DJG - Twenty Four - forthcoming Pushing Red
11. Headhunter - untitled - unreleased
12. Scuba - Tense - Hotshore
13. Untold - Dante - forthcoming Hotflush 2
14. Headhunter/ Luke Envoy - untitled - unreleased
15. Jakes - Nyabingi - unreleased
16. DJG - Obsessed - forthcoming Lo Dubs
17. Mount Kimbie - Vertical - Hotflush Recordings

Link: Pandai'a Studio Mix

As a bonus, I'm including my Bmore remix of Yes's Owner of a Lonely Heart which is widely considered their worst song! This was partly done as a laugh and partly done to see if I could pull off remixing in a genre that I really enjoy hearing out at any time.

I hope you enjoy: DJ Die Young - Owner


Other Charles said...

awesome sauce

nick said...

easily one of the best mixes I've downloaded recently. Good shit josephine!