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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twolip Magazine relaunches online

A group of four from another corner of the Boston scene have re-emerged with an online publication called Twolip. I came across it months ago when DJ Die Young pointed out an article regarding Paper, and its photographer, Lara Callahan, has been making quite a name for herself all over the city as a talented party photographer. I have never been a huge fan of online magazines, but this is really impressive. In a 55 page spread, a comprehensive guide to fashion (which includes young, local faces) that includes a modern fairytale photoshoot and several photos from LAB in Allston, as well as a cheesy comic, two band interviews, a local party profile, a local DJ interview (Melee), and then a column on politics with a breakdown of what is on the table.

I'm most impressed because it's a product that a younger generation will go to for the visual stimulation, and then be lead into entertaining and educational content in the end. Many heads up to Lara and her crew.

Link'd: Twolip Mag
MySpace: Lara Callahan

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