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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Mind's My Kingdom

I have to tell a quick story about Kingdom. Baltimoroder and I were asked to play the ICA and I was there setting up some gear and playing some music to warm myself up, so I decide to play a Kingdom remix [Keyshia Cole - Let it Go (Kingdom's 909 remix) specifically] and who walks not 2 minutes later but Kingdom! Kingdom is from Brooklyn so needless to say it was a surprise to see him at the museum. But I love moments like that, and I think it brought a smile to both of our faces.

Kingdom is doing a twofer with some of the Basstown crew this Friday and Saturday. As a bit of a warm up he will be playing his unique brand of Baltimore club, heartfelt 90s jams and Bassline straight off the CDJs at Solid! with me (sorry ladies Baltimoroder can't make it to this one). Solid! is at Zuzu and starts at 11pm.

Saturday of course he will be at Basstown with the whole line up seen above.

Here are some remixes and edits you can check out:

Rashad - Tell Em What They Wanna Hear (Kingdom Remix)

Krezy Ryan - Get Up (Kingdom extended Remix)
Ben Hill Squad / James Nasty (Kingdom extended remix)
Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Kingdom Remix)
Kingdom - A Milli(freestyle) <--- This is Fire
Kingdom - Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (Bang Riddim) vocal dub (snippet - 160kbps)

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/kkingdomm
Website: http://kkingdomm.com/

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