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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Misstress Barbara this Friday / win 2 tickets through Basstown!

Last Friday, I went to see Green Velvet at Estate, and for the first time in the handful of occasions I've been there it was a total blast. Nearly a week later, I wish I could revisit that night over and over and over again. Even the AirDrop party at Rise - featuring Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, and Pat Fontes - following was incredible. Given the fact that the Green Velvet show popped up out of nowhere, I vowed to keep my eye on Estate's Resurrection Fridays.

It should be of no surprise that the following Friday is immediately followed up with Misstress Barbara*. Italian born and Canadian bred, she's the kind of international DJ that Basstown doesn't (yet) have the money to book, but would love to see. Since hearing about her booking at Estate, the days have passed in great anticipation.

While MySpace is always a great place to start, a decent amount of Google scouring surfaced an exclusive AOL mix that she did last year. It's lovely - there are old favorites as well as bits I haven't heard before. I event got past that CAPTCHA bullshit and re-uploaded it on to zShare and YSI because no one deserves to feel that sort of pain....


The event this Friday features DJ Melee, of Boston, to open. He has, in fact, opened for her about three times before in the past and says that "she eats techno." That definitely sounds like a compliment. Together, he and I are giving away two tickets to the event.

*To enter to win 2 tickets to Resurrection Fridays tomorrow night to see Misstress Barbara + DJ MeLee, please send an email with your full name, and a number at which we can reach you, by 6pm Friday night.

Audible: Incredible mix by Misstress Barbara ( YSI / zShare )
MySpace: Misstress Barbara
MySpace: DJ Melee

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