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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lazy Fat People = Minimal Techno?

Mirko Loko + Raphael Ripperton

I feel the chances of me randomly typing lazyfatpeople.com on an insomnia bend is more likely than finding it to be the moniker of a project of two electronic music producers. Mirko Loko and Raphael Ripperton met each other in 2005 to form the group Lazy Fat People - a studio project that played and were supported by Carl Craig and James Holden. The first EP was released early 2006 on Border Community, James Holden's label.

Nowadays, aside from the Lazy Fat People project and his regular sets accross Europe, Mirko is still in charge of the artistic program of the Loft Electroclub (Switzerland) and is well supported by his mentors, Carl Craig, Derrick May and Laurent Garnier. He remains one of the sure values of the swiss scene.

MySpace: Mirko Loko
MySpace: Raphael Ripperton

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