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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fabric Goes Higher With 'Elevator Music'

fabric presents Elevator Music: Vol. 1 from Fabric London on Vimeo.

Fabric is a powerhouse among clubs and labels, and 'Elevator Music Vol. 1' is an authentic display that the institution is aiming to utilize the dawn of a new year and decade. Its press release states that the project "stands as an album in its own right, becoming more than just a collection of tracks. It's a collation of the variant strains of dubstep; a completely original and exclusive collection of future bumps that reflects the embracive nature of fabric's dance floor music policy." The mission is to - and I love this quote - "further the cocktail of sound that dubstep is currently thriving off of."

Featuring names well-known and obscure, this is a great compilation for newcomers to dubstep that have just sunk their teeth into Hyperdub's five-year anniversary release, which was lauded by tastemakers big and small in the last year. Bolded are the tracks that stand out, but Starkey's "Black Monolith" is by far the greatest track...quite possibly to 2010 what "Moth" was to 2009.

1: Hot City – If That’s How I Feel
2: xxxy – Sing With Us
3: Doc Daneeka – Drums In The Deep
4: Hackman – Pistol. In Your Pocket
5: Julio Bashmore – The Moth
6: Untold – Bad Girls
7: Octa Push – Doctor Bayard
8: Shortstuff – Behave
9: Skinnz – Ukraine
10: Mosca – Gold Bricks, I See You
11: Martyn – Friedrichstrasse
12: Vista – Elixir
13: Caspa & Rusko – One Of The Same
14: Om Unit – Encoded
15: Starkey – Black Monolith

16: Shortstuff & Brackles – Melvin Blue (Digital Bonus Track)
17: Hackman – Pistol In Your Pocket (Hypno Remix) (Limited Digital Bonus track)

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