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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dev/Null's Summer Mix

Dev/Null: oh
Dev/Null: for my mix?
Dev/Null: OK
Dev/Null: 1. NYOFB
Dev/Null: 2. NYOFB
Dev/Null: 3. NYOFB
Dev/Null: 4. NYOFB
Die Young: hahah
Die Young: ill post with a tracklisting at request and your myspace
Die Young: *tracklisting upon request
Dev/Null: you can put my email address if you want
Dev/Null: eh, I can type up a track listing I Guess
Dev/Null: gimme a minute
Die Young: doo iiitttt
Dev/Null: fuck yeah my laptop doesn't have wireless now for some reason
Dev/Null: even if I type it up downstairs
Dev/Null: no way to transfer it
Dev/Null: can you just say "email pete.devnull @ gmail dot com for tracklist/more info" or something/
Die Young: i gotta have a tl dude
Die Young: its kinda lazy if i dont
Dev/Null: no it's not
Dev/Null: you put up plenty of mixes w/o them
Die Young: live ones
Die Young: never premixed
Dev/Null: what's the difference?
Dev/Null: this was live
Dev/Null: in my apartment

Dev/Null rules. Mix rules.
Original remixes, old school, new school, hardcore, its all in there.

Audible: Dev/Null - Summer Mix 09

Virb: http://virb.com/bostonoldschool

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