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Monday, April 20, 2009

Speaking In Code premieres at Somerville Theater this Thursday!

Finally...the wait is over.

For years, Amy Grill and David Day have worked with their savvy cameraman to create what will be the most important film in electronic music. Much like The Ambient Century was to techno via the book industry, Speaking In Code - a full-length documentary - will be a historical part of the musical timeline. Filmed around the world, with strong foci in Boston and Berlin, the movie is a rush of laughter and tears and leaves many with a feeling of catharsis. "That's my story too!" said one at a recent film festival in Boulder. But this Thursday, the Boston premiere will be an epic event considering the close-to-home in both address and heart locations for many of the folks that will be filling up seats at the Somerville Theater. Recognize anyone from the movie poster?

You can view the trailer below, and order your tickets (with no additional charges) online here.

Site: Speaking In Code
Tickets: IFF Boston / Speaking In Code
Facebook: Event Page

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Max Pearl said...

holy shit Vicki, this looks so good!

Big congratulations to David and his crew. The interviews sound really intelligent and insightful, the footage is gorgeous, and I can only imagine what it would have been like to be back stage at half those shows that got filmed. fuuuck.