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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joee Irwin Will Pump You Up To Party

Our friend Joee Irwin just completed a very special mix for Nicky Digital. "This is my interpretation of going out, and staying out all night," he says. "From the first train ride, to one party leading into the next, passing people and faces along the journey, as things get cloudy and regretful, before closing on a pillow with thoughts and memories that fade into dreams."

The tracklist is well done and executes the concept a bit better than Moby's Last Night, which is a concept album about an all-night bender. Moby had said it's basically "a love letter to dance music in New York City...In making Last Night, I essentially tried to take a long 8 hour night out in New York City and condense it into a 65 minute long album."

While Irwin's mix is not chock full of original material, the atmosphere and mood that he aims for is reached, and appeals to the more heady techno lovers. Music lovers who digested Last Night and appreciated it for what it was might find these boots a little hard to fit into, but there's faith that those who found the album to be lacking will dance to this mix all night long.

Link: Joee Irwin Pre-Party Mix @ Nicky Digital

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