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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sonolmoss Makes Really Good Hip Hop

Sonolmoss makes pretty wintery music. Although, since it is actually winter and its doing that rain/snow combo that always soaks your feet through by the time you get home, I am associating this music with the the feeling of finally getting back to your (hopefully) warm and toasty room, and basking by the light of your desktop PC of choice. However, if it was spring out, maybe I'd call this 'Spring-ish' music. Either way, this is touching stuff. The music is halting, stutter stepping hip hop with great texture and no bombast to be found. Plus it's better than Flying Lotus. You heard me.

Sonolmoss - Dream Bear (zsharesux)
Sonolmoss - Sit Still Assile (zsharesux)

You can get all sorts more here: Download
Myspace: Sonolmoss
He's got a blog too: Sonolmoss at Blogspot

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