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Saturday, October 11, 2008

SOLID! Is Solid

When something is considered a bit of a hidden gem - especially a recurring event in a room with a 59 person capacity - it might be best to keep it mums. The beauty of SOLID! is that it will probably never lose its balance. Not for tourists, this little restaurant packed tightly between the Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs becomes a showcase for some of the best electronic music on Friday nights. Run by Sean Quinn, who also heads Soul Touch @ Zuzu and is a generally well-known and liked guy around Boston, DJ Die Young (Basstown) and Baltimoroder (Hearthrob) joined forces to take over most SOLID! nights since last summer.

The beauty about this night is that 90% (might be a stretch) of the people there don't listen to electronic music. They don't seek out Hearthrob, Rise, Make It New, Circus and other nights. They are most likely devoted Cantabrigians. They do, however, get to experience electro and techno at some of its finest when Baltimoroder and Die Young are together. Their chemistry is top notch, and for an intimate night for only $3, you can't really go wrong.

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We'll come Friday if you guys come to this on Saturday!