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Friday, August 31, 2007

And So It Begins...

...or continues. Some say "ends," but that's because little does the New England City That Could know that while it may be losing Basstown's founding father, he's leaving the kids in charge to steer the ship. Taking the reigns of the Basstown empire will be a few familiar (and some new) faces, but all wanting to get involved are encouraged.


With a successful progression from the birth of Thunderdome in November 2006, Mistaker's also been maintaining a blog and bringing sponsorships to Boston, putting it on the map as a city just as worth of attention as its book-ending neighbors, New York and Montreal.



A moniker wouldn't be a bad idea, so why not turn your own name into an acronym that's open to public suggestion? One of the few of the family that is not an active DJ, she's got the business experience and punk rock upbringing to put the bullshit back in the dustbin.


DJ Die Young

Making a grand entrance in February's Electro-Lyte premiere, Die Young's speed of improvement has been exponential to others. Loaded with an endless supply of creative ideas and the motivation to follow through, Jamie will be a big element in bringing together the Basstown community on both the dance floor and cyberspace.


DJ Etan

Our man-on-the-outside is not even 21 (Cinco De Mayo '08, watch out), but he's already got his hands in enough local bands and has been DJing since he was a wee lad. Keen to the street art and fashion of Boston's unique take on visual pop culture, he's a good guy to know for all things...well, everything.

Well, that's enough for the first round of introductions, innit?


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